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Buy Akai Mpk Mini

The MKP Mini 3 ($119) is the third installment to the lineup of the popular mini keyboards. You can purchase the MPK Mini on Amazon in black, white, gray and red. The Akai Pro MPK Mini Play MK3 ($150) is available at Amazon as well.

buy akai mpk mini


It also lands on just about every meta-review of mini MIDI keyboards out there. (And sure enough, we included it as one of our top 25-key choices in our review, The 12 Best Mini MIDI Keyboards for Your Mobile or Home Studio.)

So, which mini MIDI controller should you buy, the MPK Mini MK2 or the MPK Mini MK3? Both are solid instruments that are well loved by countless musicians. But given all the additional features in the upgraded MK3, our recommendation is clear.

The MPK mini mk3 is the third iteration of the world's legendary best-selling mini keyboard controller. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion, and its arsenal of pads and assignable controls let you take complete command of every aspect of your production.

Beginning with the keys; the MPK mk3 mini features a new generation of keybed, with a more responsive feeling and smoother travel. This new keybed still features 25 velocity-sensitive keys and is created to aid in the capture of even the smallest nuances that a lot of players might miss when using something with keys that are a lot stiffer or less weighted.

The arpeggiator found on the MPK range has always been a great feature, and although it largely remains the same, the addition of the endless encoders allows for you to control things such as arp rate, movement, octave, swing etc while using the keys with minimal fuss.

Made in Reason (NN-XT - Jovian Pad and one recording from mobile). I used AKAI MPK mini.One of my favorite writers. This track is about his heroine.Photo by Alexey Vágin ( 041b061a72


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