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Empire Earth Version 1.00.2020 Patch

//document.domain = "";function login_form(d) var login_url = ' ';if (d != null) login_url = login_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogin','height=300,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function logout(d) var logout_url = ' ';if (d != null) logout_url = logout_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogout','height=200,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function submit_file() login_form(" ");function get_file(fileid,s) window.location=" ="+fileid+"&s="+s+"&r="+escape(document.location);function submit_comment(fileid) login_form(" ="+fileid+"&1675709374");function edit_comment(cid) login_form(" ="+cid+"&1675709374");initFavorites(2886,null)Downloads Home EE - Modpacks Alpha 1.5 Alpha 1.5AuthorFile DescriptionalfrqanPosted on 09/06/11 @ 04:35 AM (updated 11/14/11)File DetailsNeeds AoC?:NoEmpire Earth GR AlPha 1.5 Final1-New Game Variants (Death Match(2x Tournament gather Resource Speed + Less 30% Upgrade Age Cost of tournament Variant))Other new Game Variant (Tournament Low(Gather Resource Speed is Between Tournament and Standard + Less 50% Upgrade Age Cost of standard variant . )2- Better Anti Cheat..Creatine Cheat Code and many have been Disabled..3- Dat Files Has Been Encrypted From Being Changed and Cheated with..4- 20 Citizens in setting as Default instead of 5..5- Population list will start from 200 to avoid some crashes happened in the game when the number of citizens.more than the pop limit..6- 5 maps Added to Add fun to the game ,one of them is Team Island..7-New doughboy texture has been added..8- Out Of Synch Problems have been Solved At all..9- Helicopters Hit points Increased to 600..10-Strategist hero Power of Making Battle Cry has Been Decreased to 45..11-Host Color Back To Blue..12-Tigers+Wolfs get Back13- Number of Wonders to Victory has been increased to 30 so People can play other games Like ,Wonders Game(Faster team which Gets More wonders in less time..Time Challenge to make more wonders..)14- Added Ability to patch the game back to its original version 1.00.2020 when you uninstall the alpha patch .15- Two new maps...---New No Resource +New Plains Maps Were Made BY RealForceNew Plains without Tigers+ Some Small Changes in original Plains..New No resource is a clean Map Without resources...16- Mouse Sensitive set To Default.17-Fixed bug in alpha 1.0 while Minimize the game You get Black Screen..AuthorComments & Reviews ( All Comments Only Reviews Only )BOOST15673Posted on 09/07/11 @ 09:12 AMI have a question before downloading this:I have my EE updated with all updates needed to play online and so on... But I used to be able to during gameplay (Against A.I.'s) switch teams and then see their line of sight also (Only if "Lock Teams" was unchecked of course). But it doesn't work anymore, I even tried reinstalling EE and EE AOC but that also doesn't work? And also the tributes function doesn't work either, I know it has a glitch that you can take advantage of, but literally, me and my friend don't like that the tribute function was disabled on and offline. We aren't cheaters, believe what you want, so I ask you:Does this update fix these 2 problems? If not then do you know of an update that we can download to bring those back? I HIGHLEY doubt I'm not the only one that wants these 2 functions back for at least Single Player...wolfshieldPosted on 09/08/11 @ 04:38 AM@ boost: just curious, by switch teams you mean you could control them? is this in online or single player mode?BOOST15673Posted on 09/08/11 @ 11:22 AM@wolfshieldI mean like switching domatic relationships. Basically switching from "Hostile" to "Ally". I mean in Single Player.alfrqanFile AuthorPosted on 09/08/11 @ 04:09 PMthis working either offline or online :Dand this patch will auto update the game from version 1 to 1.04[Edited on 09/08/11 @ 04:09 PM]

Empire Earth Version 1.00.2020 Patch

Crack per Empire Earth versione Italiana/inglese V 1.00.2020Installazione:1) installare il gioco2) spostare il file contenuto in questo zip nella dir dove si installato il gioco. e sovrascrivere il file originale.3) lanciare il giocoCrack by BansheeICQ 77329406

mi problema es que me han dejado el EMPIRE EARTH para jugar en lan y tal,pero cuando me lo instalo y me dispongo a jugar con mis colegas me dice k mi version de EMPIRE EARTH no es li misma k la de ellos,y por tanto no me deja meterme en su partida.ami me dice k tengo la v.1.00.0713 y ellos la v.1.00.2020.

J'ai un pb incompréhensible, j'ai une version d'empire earth qui quand elle est éxécutée sur les ordinateurs de mes potes est la v1.00.2020 et quand je la lance sur le mien, ça me met v1.00.0713 alors que ce sont les memes fichiers... ?? je n'arrive pas à trouver de solution et c'est pas faute d'essayer, je suis sous win xp sp2. merci pour votre aide... plz help me.


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