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Manga We Could Be The Same Turkey Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

On 7 December 2009, TRT opened the suggestions for the public to nominate potential artists for consideration until 11 December 2009.[17] Three artists were shortlisted following public input: Emre Aydın, Manga and Şebnem Ferah and were therefore approached by TRT.[18] On 2 January 2010, Ferah declined the offer stating that Eurovision was no longer a musical contest.[19] On 7 January 2010, TRT announced that they had reached a preliminary agreement with Manga to represent Turkey in Oslo following the refusal of Aydın.[20][21] Manga was confirmed as the Turkish representative on 12 January.[22][23] Three songs, all written in English, were submitted by the band to the broadcaster in February 2010 and a ten-member selection committee selected "We Could Be the Same" as the song they would perform at the contest.[24][25][26][27]

Manga We Could Be The Same Turkey Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

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The group said that they have some options about the performance in the contest, and they are still to decide about any of them. It was also mentioned that the message of the song is the quest for a peaceful world where people live with love and faith and they added: Basically, we could be the same! 041b061a72


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