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Porn Videos Without Flash Player ((NEW))

This is all well and good, I can edit this code for different params and put it in my website and everything works fine. However, because it is a flash player, none of the videos will play on any sort of mobile device.

porn videos without flash player

Download Zip:

I'm running Flash Player 10,3,181,14 on an up-to-date 32-bit WIndows XP. When playing YouTube videos, the sound is fine but a malicious site appears to have dumped malware so that with most videos the image shown in the player is a distorted version of the same static porn image. The results are the same in both FireFox and Opera browsers.

In the gradual disintegration of support for Adobe's Flash player, porn sites are some of the last hold outs, but not for much longer. With browsers like Chrome ending support for it in the near future, many of the world's largest porn peddlers are now announcing that they're moving over to HTML5 too.

PornHub was just the latest in a line of porn sites that has announced it too will be dropping Flash from its site in the near future. HTML 5 should offer better device support, greater performance and much better security than Flash player currently does. The Adobe standard has been plagued by security breaches in recent years and it shows no signs of improving.

For best experience on, our advice is to use the web browser Google Chrome available at : Don't forget to update your flash player version : If you download our videos, you can play it easily with the free software VLC media player :


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