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Sonic Adventure 2 HD PC Download Free Full Version (Cracked)

when sonic is in these stages, dr. eggman, having placed his now-infamous video on the ark's main computer, watches his own will unfold on-screen, reliving his plans for revenge on the world. eggman's story is told in a series of videos, each one a day before he died, and begins with him holding the three chaos emeralds. he and his assistant dr. eggplant survey the planet, planning to create a "new world", and are shocked to see that the population's security has been infiltrated by the g.u.n. forces.

sonic adventure 2 hd pc crack

meanwhile, knuckles is about to walk into a mansion for a tour, but is stopped by a boy named hayden who asks if he can tag along. on the other side of the mansion, knuckles meets up with shadow and rouge, who tell him that they are in trouble. knuckles tries to figure out where the signal is coming from, and eventually talks to the boy. hayden tells knuckles that the mysterious house was once used by the ceo to keep his wife captive while he was away on business. he was then abducted by a monster named "crowbar" and taken to prison island, where he was rescued by shadow. he and shadow took revenge on crowbar by taking him to the island, only to find that he had been captured by eggman. shadow says that they are not there to fight, and that he will surrender to eggman and inform him of the ark's whereabouts in exchange for amnesty. they split up, with shadow heading to the base with eggman's missing sonic and knuckles heading to the ark. they make it to the base, where eggman is in a lab trying to revive gerald robotnik. he says that he wants to "kill" the world.


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