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very early on in my career, i realized that i needed to expand a bit on the way i approach creating settings for my games, and so i started to really think about the world. it was then that i realized that the earth and the sun had a huge influence on the world. i think this is why i came up with the cycle of creation and destruction, i wanted a period of time that had an effect on the world. in particular, i figured that the introduction of dragons into the world would have a large effect on it, and so i went looking for a way that they would be able to be a sign of something bigger. the elements were my inspiration; their cyclical change and the effects they had on the world (although none of them have any real counterpart to real life) was what i based my setting on, and it always spoke to me. that, plus my interest in nethydra and other odd little sea gods. but really though, i just need a place that exists in time that would be large enough that people would notice it, and thus be interested in it. that place was the ring, which although its story is not mine to tell, it was built to be a home for all the races and cultures of the world, and is a place of worship to many different people and places.

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although the loreh institute is explicitly focusing on restoring the era of the first men, the lorum institute also produces a product called stonekind, a simulated ioun stone which allows users to use the abilities of various ioun stones without the usual drawback of having to meet the stones own requirements. stonekind is a very expensive ability, but in return, you can use any ioun stone with it, as long as it meets the minimum ioun stone requirements.


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